With Coupon Codes and Giveaways Galore, Facebook is Much More Than a Social Network

Facebook is not just a great way to keep up with family and friends; it is also increasingly a great way to save money and win prizes. As more companies have joined the social networking site and sought to establish their presences there, the opportunities for smart shoppers to cash in have multiplied quickly. It would seem that there is no better way to make friends online, at least for a business, than to buy them.

For example, at least one popular Facebook group now tracks the highest-profile giveaways going on at the site at any given time. A quick look at this point reveals that there are at least a hundred different ways for Facebook users to score something valuable for free, typically needing nothing more than a quick click of the "like" button. Even if not every person who responds in this way will win something, the ease of access means that there is little reason for users to turn up their noses at such opportunities.

Macys coupons

Companies on Facebook are often even more generous when it comes to handing out discount coupons. Macys coupons on Facebook, for example, can keep visitors up to date with the latest discounts good at famed retailer. Macys promotions can entitle a shopper to as much as 50% off the company's regular prices; therefore, it is easy to see why so many people follow the page closely.

In fact, the page also lists all of the many sales that the company holds. That means that those who "like" the page can be assured of becoming aware of every opportunity to save money at Macy's, a truly valuable thing considering how much many people spend there.

With many people already putting in hours every day at Facebook, adding another option like this to a feed is not just a good idea, it can be a great way of saving money. Whether it means signing on to Facebook in the hopes of winning a prize in a giveaway or seeking out a great discount at a top store like Macy's, then, the social network is a lot more than just a way of keeping up with friends and loved ones.